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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 20: The Gratitude Challenge

Today, it just hit me that I am almost done with this challenge! I loved opening my eyes again and see that my life is surrounded with blessings that need to be appreciated on a daily basis.

Photo Credit: Marj Valiente

I did not wrap up this challenge without mentioning the one person I am truly grateful to have in my life: my husband Robert.

1) Thank you for being my best friend. You have always been the one true friend I have had ever.

2) Thank you for being an example of character and integrity. I have become a better person because of how I see you live your life.

3) Thank you that we laugh everyday together.

4) Thank you that we have been through so much together (7 years and counting!) and through these experiences, God has used to shape us into who He wants us to become.

5) Thank you for the difficult times, differences, and challenges -- none of these experiences would I ever trade because we were together in all of them.

6) Thank you for staying true and faithful to your commitment to God.

7) Thank you for always believing in me.

8) Thank you for all our travels, celebrations, made-up games, jokes, and conversations.

And most of all, I thank our heavenly Father for the enduring and patient love He has given us in each day that goes by.

I love you Robert!

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