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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 15: The Gratitude Challenge

The Gratitude Challenge calendar says:

Take the time to focus on yourself. Appreciate and give thanks for your unique personality, skills and talents.

Today's challenge is quite interesting! I usually publish daily blog posts first thing in the morning. It is now 3:19 pm Manila time and I still feel uneasy writing a blog about myself.

Most people say I still do not know how to accept compliments and I personally can't stand being in the spotlight for ANYTHING. I have been gently told that I should graciously accept compliments and statements that show appreciation for who I am. Today is a good exercise for me in this area. I am looking at 15 things! Can I do it?

I am thinking REALLY HARD as I write this so here it is:

1) I am open to all cultures this world has to offer. Until I have visited and immersed myself in a place, I will NEVER say I will never travel to it. A different way of life will always fascinate me, no matter how strange it is.

2) I do not give unsolicited opinion or feel the need to give my two cents in every conversation. I find joy in simply listening and discovering what's inside the heart of the individual. The only time I give advice is when I am being directly asked for it.

3) It is so important to me to think things through and examine situations in every angle possible. I make an informed decision from the smallest to the biggest things. And the biggest source of my decision-making is the Lord's voice.

4) I love finding new and different ways to connect people.  I really believe the world is a much better place if we are all open to engage in one another.

5) When my current mood is less than stellar, I am wise enough to stay home, relax, pray, and read.  And guess what?  My mood picks up every time!

6) When a friend invited me to see her new home and a huge rat crawled over my feet under the dinner table, I graciously pretended like nothing happened in front of other people. I didn't want to embarrass her especially seeing how proud she is of her new place. You have to remember, I am TERRIFIED of rodents. I don't know if this is a good quality, but I really don't want my lack of tact to be the cause of a person's embarrassment.

7) When someone comes to me about a problem, I instinctively know the root cause of it. When I dig deeper and verify, I am always right. Especially when it is a relational issue. I know this is a gift from God that I hope to continue to use with humility.

8) I have no problem taking an unpopular moral stance.  I find it easy not to give in to pressure.  I also find myself not caring that much if people thought I was uncool for standing up for what I believe in.

9) I always finish what I start. Easy, difficult, impossible -- I make sure it gets done!

10) I am never too busy to do a favor for someone. Everyone, for me, is worth it.

11) I place an incredibly high value on close and intimate friendships. I just love it when a relationship has a mutual effort to show love and importance to one another especially in terms of spending time with each other.  That develops an iron-clad loyalty in me that cannot easily be broken.  I am also wise enough to let go of the friendships where I am the only one doing the work to make it work. And I can let go without any hard feelings!

12) I am a careful person. I rarely say or do things I regret.  I consider all options before I lose myself in the course of action.

13) I believe I have a reasonable, healthy view of money and material things.  While I appreciate nice objects or a good salary bonus, I have no problem giving them away if I am prompted by God to give them away.  I have since seen everything I have as His and not mine.  I am especially grateful for this because I was not like at all before.  Only the Holy Spirit can transform selfishness into something good and glorifying of Him!

14) I am always positive about the future and expect the best out of it.  I have not doubted what God will do in my life.  I also see other people in the same way.

15) I have strong beliefs about God's high calling for me in this world.  Knowing this completely directs my steps.  Everything I do is purposeful.  I do not bother myself doing things that aren't aligned with His will for me.  I have full acceptance of my position in this world and how I can work with others in order to bring glory to Him. Everything I do, say, and stand up for is shaped by this belief.

It is now 4:16 pm Manila time.  Writing these things about myself for an hour isn't bad at all!  It was a lot easier than I thought.

I still prefer not to be in the spotlight.  I am really happy when something I have done speaks for itself or if it never gets the attention it deserves.  But I am truly grateful for today's challenge.  I definitely encouraged me to show love upon myself which is always a great, healthy, and necessary thing.

I really would love to hear yours!  I hope you take the time today to write down and show appreciation for yourself.  It does something wonderful for your soul, I promise you.

Please share it in the comments section.  I want to know!

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