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Friday, December 4, 2009

My Tree and Me

I absolutely love it when I stumble upon websites that get my imagination running wild.

Robert and I live in a tiny apartment in the heart of Metro Manila. I just love how our small space encourages me to be creative in making our home beautifully decorated.

I just got done putting up a photo gallery by the entrance of our place. Right now I am looking around for more ways to brighten up our other walls.

One of my "future" projects (meaning: someday, when I have the energy and resources to do it) is to develop a family tree. I had no idea how I was going to make it look like but I knew I wanted to make one someday.

This is why I was so thrilled when I found "My Tree and Me" -- which designs customized and modern-looking genealogy charts.

Look at these designs to appreciate the work that My Tree and Me does.

My favorite design.

A lovely idea to give to our future children!


Lynn said...

Hi, found your blog via Facebook. I love it!

Samantha Johnson said...

Hello Lynn! Thank you so much! :-) Glad you visited my blog.

Have a blessed week!

Dori and Auj said...

Looking as close as a mindmap noh? Interesting nga.. ;) -Auj

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