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Monday, November 2, 2009

This Is It

As Michael Jackson's death shook the world, we all wanted that one last glimpse of a man we all felt connected to. I am so glad "This Is It" was released to give us the closure that we all needed.

Saw the movie twice -- first on a date night with Robert and second with family. I enjoyed each experience equally.

Here are some random thoughts and observations from the touching tribute film that provides all of us an extraordinary insight on how he is as an artist and a performer.

1) Judith Hill was a delight to watch on screen. And she looks like Sandra Oh's long-lost sister.

2) The name "Mo Pleasure" will always crack me up!

3) I was hoping to see a good ol' Moonwalk in the Billie Jean segment.

4) The intro to "The Way You Make Me Feel" was my favorite part. I appreciate MJ's passion for musical precision.

5) His frequent "God bless you" statements came off as heartfelt and genuine.

6) My soul wept a little when I started feeling compassion for every person involved in the concert series. The magical show that they were so pumped up for the world to see never got the chance to be displayed in its full glory.

7) The biggest pop superstar of all time working with one of the most respected choreographers (Kenny Ortega) in TV and film. Neither had an attitude nor an ego larger than the stage they were on. They were humble, polite, considerate to each other. One of the most refreshing artistic collaborations I have seen in a long time. 

8) Speaking of Kenny Ortega, I loved his work in Dirty Dancing. I love him even more now.

9) Enough of the toxicology, autopsy, paternity, and police reports. This film brings back the respect due to MJ.

10) The troubled, weird, eccentric, scandalous character presented by the media did not exist on this film. I saw a Michael Jackson who was brilliant, confident and in total command of his gifts. The Michael I choose to remember. I walked out not feeling his death but celebrating his life.

There will never be anyone like Michael Jackson.

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Mutchie said...

great insight! i watched it last night and looooved the new take they did on the way you make me feel too. mj is absolutely brilliant, no doubt. i was a bit ambivalent about him the past few years, and i was disappointed when he lost the funk in his songs, but never lost the respect due to the true king of pop.

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