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Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Love Food in Singapore!

One of the biggest blessings Robert and I experienced in Singapore was the food! We have the most awesome friends who happily took us out to eat and enjoy the best of the city.

Look at these pictures and enjoy!

chicken rice

taro-wrapped scallops


black pepper chicken

cereal prawn

clams in bamboo shoots

chicken satay

chili crabs

deep-fried bread

fruits in coconut milk

JCO donuts

heaven and earth jasmine green tea

sticky rice and mangoes

egg salad and ham on sweet bun

roasted chicken rice

eggs benedict

breakfast omelette

french toast

kani salad

tofu steak

shrimp tempura

fish cakes

barbecue chicken wings




cold lychee drink

egg noodles with shrimp


*poink* said...

yuuuuum! going to Singapore this coming first week mouth's watering already, can't wait!

Mariel said...

Oh my... what a food trip! This makes me want to go there (and an upcoming Underworld concert!).

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