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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RUNNR Grand Opening

It is safe to say that I need to improve the level of my physical fitness. I was not born athletic and did not go to schools that took pride in excellence in sports.

One of the few things I wish I engaged in while growing up was taking up a sport.

Running is one of the few physical activities that I actually enjoy. Being on the treadmill is one of the things I look forward to doing when I go to the gym.

It's amazing what I do while running.

I listen to a playlist of my favorite songs.

I read book summaries.

I listen to recent podcasts.

I do a lot of worship and prayer. And these moments make me feel like I can fly!

And because running is one of the few physical activities I find pleasure in, I made a personal decision to start taking this activity to a whole new level.

That's when I realized a good new pair of running shoes. My current pair has been around for 3+ years and has lost its effectivity.

Our good friend Lizette Claudio invited us to the grand opening of RUNNR -- a running specialty store located in Bonifacio High Street. Her brother, Toby, is the founder of the store.

I am amazed on how Liz worked tirelessly to pull of this amazing event! It was packed and the energy was high -- despite the heavy rain.

As we parked in High Street on our way to the opening, I told Robert that I am hoping that I win a brand new pair of running shoes in a raffle. I have never won a raffle draw in my entire life and our current budget does not allow us to buy quality running shoes (which cost at least $100).

So Rob and I decided to say a prayer right there and then. I told God that I needed a new pair so badly and if He can bless me with one, I will be the happiest girl ever.

Then we went and experienced the excitement of the opening. I told my husband that I have a crush on Fernando Zobel -- and I was thrilled to finally meet him!

The raffle was being drawn periodically throughout the evening. Then I heard that a brand new pair of New Balance running shoes was being raffled off.

I THOUGHT I heard the number 1120 (which is my raffle number) and went screaming into the store. And then the hubby co-screamed and jumped up and down.

When we went to the stage we were told that the winning number was 1130! Hay naku! It was so funny!! Robert got really sad because he said he wanted me to have new shoes so badly.

A few minutes later, they DID call 1120 and I won a new pair of Sennheiser sport earphones. It was so nice! I was so happy to get it because I knew Rob needed a new pair badly.

Afterwards, they proceeded to raffle off the Rolls Royce of running shoes -- a brand new pair of Newtons. They declared that the winning number was 1119 -- which happens to be my husband's number!

God answered my prayer. And He saved the best pair for me! I now have a brand new pair of lovely pink Newtons. Isn't He so good?

Please visit RUNNR in Bldg. B3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. You can also check out their website, Facebook and Twitter.

What you must check out:
FOOTWORX - A combination of three state of the art services that will fully determine the exact needs of every runner: Footprint analysis, Video Gait Analysis and Custom insole Moulding.

If you have good tips of running novice like myself, leave it at the Comments section.


Anonymous said...

Awww thanks sam! and thanks so much for coming in spite of the wouldn't be the same w/o you guys! :) i loved your reactions talaga...panalo!

to know more about your Newtons and how to use them, check out their site, specifically this section: :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sam and Rob! Anyway, I saw Rob the other day at the Habitat for Humanity Run... Did you run too?

*poink* said...

wowee sammy! congrats!!! ^_^ read about newton shoes before, they seem so awesome!

funny how God is no...He does that a lot...allowing us to experience a bit of disappointment first, only to reveal He had something way way better in mind! ^_^

Thelma said...

Ang payat na ni Rob! You both look great!

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