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Friday, June 26, 2009

I Just Can't Stop Loving You has all the details. I usually avoid gossip/tabloid sites but today, I can't resist TMZ's extensive coverage of Michael Jackson's passing.

He has been many different things to different people. My heart goes out to him. He was the way he was because he was subjected to a crazy, make-believe world and that must have put an incredible amount of pressure on him.

My wish is that he had a true encounter with Jesus Christ before he passed. I can just imagine heaven with Michael Jackson in it -- how spectacular that would be!

Truly praying for his soul. And for his children.

My favorite Michael Jackson of all time:

And as Filipinos, how can we ever forget this:

His influence is incomparable. Goodbye MJ. Praying that there is no more sadness in your heart and that you are dancing with Him right now

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