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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Lost Generation

Are you part of the younger generation who wishes to make a difference in this world? I am and I do want to make a difference.

I do not want to be a young 30-something adult who is consumed solely with the matters of my life and is disconnected with the world and could not care less how I can make it better.

I know God wants me to think beyond myself and care more about other people -- because when I make a decision to love others FIRST, He will be in charge of ME. Therefore, the last thing I need to be consumed about is myself.

What a challenge and a privilege to be able to carry on with that kind of mindset! I am, by no means, great at it every single day, and every single moment but I am grateful to a God who faithfully speaks to my soul and a husband who consistently displays compassion for others. I cannot ask for better examples!

Just thought I'd share with you a video that summarizes these thoughts.

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