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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Diego Alfonso Mendoza's Christening

Everyone seems to be either pregnant or popping babies or running after them! How wonderful to be around my friends who have taken on the role of parenting in such a lovely way.

Last Sunday we went to another new bundle of joy. Baby Diego to Raymond and Tammy Mendoza.

He looks so much like his mom!
From Diego Mendoza's Baptism

Tammy looks so happy and pretty!
From Diego Mendoza's Baptism

We needed this because there was a long day ahead of us.
From Diego Mendoza's Baptism

Aahh... pastillas de leche. I allowed myself to only have one.
From Diego Mendoza's Baptism

And finally, a picture with my Daddy!
From Diego Mendoza's Baptism

Congratulations Raymond and Tammy! You are going to make awesome parents!
From Diego Mendoza's Baptism

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet Chloe Isabelle Wilcher

She is the new bundle of joy in the family! Robert's sister, Malaika, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Isn't she gorgeous?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Faith & Doubt by John Ortberg

I just got done reading Faith & Doubt by John Ortberg. What is interesting to me is how it addresses the fact that faith and doubt actually go hand in hand with one another.

Sometimes I am hard on myself when I realize I am faced with a situation with less than 100 percent certainty. Reading this book made me realize that rather than viewing faith and doubt as two completely opposite perspectives, I must recognize that the very nature of faith is believing in something wholeheartedly when I am unsure.

While this approach may be left open to a good debate, I would rather take it for what it's worth and leave it at that. Whether there is a discussion or not, I know who I am, who I stand for, and the kind of loving God I am 100 percent sure about. As far as I am concerned, that perspective shall remain unshaken and unchanged and will rely on Him so that it will never falter.

There was another part of the book that imparted an incredible ministry lesson to me and I would love to share it here.


Sounds true enough but it's not that simple. We must be careful to define what kind of belief matters most.

Two people might say they believe in the same thing, yet live lives that are very different from one another.

How does this happen? When we talk about faith and belief, there are three different levels of personal convictions.

1) Public convictions are beliefs that we want other people to think we have, even though we may not actually embrace them.

These are the convictions that we state because of the impression they make on others, not because they communicate truth about who we really are.

2) Private convictions are those beliefs that we genuinely think we believe, but ones we might abandon in certain circumstances -- especially in the presence of peer pressure.

3) Core convictions are the beliefs by how we actually conduct our lives.

These three kinds of convictions can be summarized as "what I say I believe, what I think I believe, and what I reveal I really do believe by my actions."

Reading this left me completely amazed by Jesus Christ on how He demonstrated a life of consistency between what He said, what He thought, and what He did.

It made me all the more want to put my faith in Him. Interestingly, Jesus never said, "believe my arguments." He said, "follow me."

Once again, today, I make a decision that I will.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Banjo and Sarah's Wedding

Our good friends Banjo Albano and Sarah Meier got married March 3rd. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and we had an awesome time at the reception.

Sarah's dress was so lovely and so her! Banjo made me cry with his thank you speech. Their daughter Kaya was the perfect flower girl. Robert and I could have danced all night to the 80's and 90's mix.

Here is the video recap of their ceremony. I love it! Threelogy did a superb job, as usual :-)

Banjo Albano and Sarah Meier from Bong Sare on Vimeo.

This is their Save-The-Date video.

Banjo and Sarah from Bong Sare on Vimeo.

And the pictures of the wedding.

Congratulations Banjo, Sarah and Kaya!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Lost Generation

Are you part of the younger generation who wishes to make a difference in this world? I am and I do want to make a difference.

I do not want to be a young 30-something adult who is consumed solely with the matters of my life and is disconnected with the world and could not care less how I can make it better.

I know God wants me to think beyond myself and care more about other people -- because when I make a decision to love others FIRST, He will be in charge of ME. Therefore, the last thing I need to be consumed about is myself.

What a challenge and a privilege to be able to carry on with that kind of mindset! I am, by no means, great at it every single day, and every single moment but I am grateful to a God who faithfully speaks to my soul and a husband who consistently displays compassion for others. I cannot ask for better examples!

Just thought I'd share with you a video that summarizes these thoughts.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Man from Manila

Francis Magalona passed away at noon yesterday. Never knew him but have met him a couple of times. I follow his blog everyday. He was a big part of my high school playlist. If you spent your teenage years in the 90's in Manila, you will know what I mean. Now it's God's turn to make music with him in heaven. See you in the next life FrancisM!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sarah's Bachelorette Party

Banjo and Sarah are getting married! Here are pictures from the hip-hop-themed bachelorette party we threw for the bride last Friday. Fun times!
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