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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

26 Random Stuff About Me

1) One of my biggest promises to my husband is to never let myself go! Growing up, I learned that it is totally unacceptable to go out of the house looking rough or "losyang." These are the reasons why I make an effort to look well-groomed at all times.

2) Because of #1, I have always had a rigorous skincare and beauty regimen ever since I can remember. Aside of the creams, oils, scrubs and lotions at home, I am a regular at beauty, nail, waxing and tanning salons. I enjoy the process so much!

3) It also means I have a comprehensive makeup collection. In fact, my husband's Christmas gift to me was a professional cosmetic box filled with Smashbox makeup. He knows me so well!

4) I skipped my junior prom to watch New Kids on the Block in concert at Rizal Memorial Stadium - in 1992. Because it took me a long time to become interested in real boys, I had no regrets at all.

5) Which brings me to the fact that I am quite the late bloomer. All throughout high school, I naively believed with my whole heart that kissing can make a girl pregnant.

6) Which is also why I had my very first date at 21 years old.

7) I earned my undergraduate degree in Social Sciences at University of the Philippines. I don't know how much tuition is today but my parents only paid P6,000 per semester. I actually tried applying to Harvard College (under Harvard University) -- for their Social Studies program. I did get in but did not qualify for financial aid so I just let the dream go. No regrets with this one too!

8) Most of you know this by now -- I love taking pictures! I love doing this so much. However, I am not curious at all on the technical side of photography. It's enough for me to know the basics.

9) I am a morning person. I feel at best getting up between 5 and 6 in the morning.

10) I started blogging last year and have been enjoying it! It's at

11) I don't like soda at all. Nothing to do with lack of nutritional value because I love a whole lot of unhealthy stuff. I just don't like the taste and how it feels in my throat.

12) Today, being religious means nothing to me. Having an active, loving relationship with Jesus Christ and believe in what He did for me is what keeps me going each day.

13) Every day, I fall more and more in love with Jesus. I am not sure if a lot of people will understand this, but I truly love God more than I love my husband. However, I know for a fact that I cannot love any other human being the way I love Robert.

14) Even though I work at a regular office job, I would like to think that I also work in the ministry "full time." I believe that being God's messenger is a lifestyle and not a career.

15) I think I am old-fasioned but not a prude. Nothing shocks nor surprises me.

16) I am turning 33 in a couple of weeks and I want a nice vanity dresser and a label maker for my birthday! HEHEHEHE.

17) I work best with standard room temperature here in Manila. I work alone in a room in my office -- with NO a/c and NO electric fan and I feel great!

18) One of the things that really fascinate me is murder mysteries and detective work. That's why I watch at least 3 episodes of Forensic Files every day. Crime and suspense movies are also my favorite thing to watch.

19) Someday we would love to adopt a lot of babies! But please do not mention "Angelina Jolie". Not a fan!

20) I play dominoes online at least once a week.

21) According to Strengths Finder 2.0 my top 5 strengths are: Maximizer, Harmony, Deliberative, Relator, Responsibility. More about this in a future blog entry.

22) The only writing instruments that I use are extra bold ball point pens.

23) I had a recent embarrassing moment. I was at an art gallery in North Omaha. I was looking at a painting of what I thought was a person with wild hair. Then a lady with beautiful, wild, curly hair came up to me and told me that was her work and asked if I liked it. I said I was fascinated by it and asked if that was a "self-portrait." She replied, "No, that is actually a painting of a corpse." No words could come out of my mouth after that.

24) One of the lessons I want to teach my future children is never to use "hate" and "ugly" to describe a feeling, situation or a person.

25) Blue Like Jazz is my favorite book of all time.

26) I have two male celebrity crushes: Joey McIntyre and Eric Dane (McSteamy). I also have two female celebrity crushes: Kristin Kreuk and Frieda Pinto.
I think they are all cute.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sammy, that is quite some interesting facts about ya!

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