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Monday, July 7, 2008

St. Louis Loves 'Em Filipinos

Our 4th of July weekend is a kick-off to a busy schedule for the next couple of weeks. From Bellevue, Nebraska, we drove to St. Louis, Missouri to visit Robert’s good friend Adnan Sabic. It was a six-hour drive.
Robert and Adnan became close when they were both students in Bellevue University. Adnan and his family are from Bosnia who moved to the United States.
We visited Adnan and his wife Adisa in St. Louis. Adnan and Adisa are a gorgeous couple – both beautiful inside and out.

We stayed in their very, very stylish home. Loved the way they put everything together. Adnan has always been a very talented artist so the way they did interiors was no surprise.

This is one of Rob’s favorite works by Adnan. A pair of Chuck Taylors put together to resemble a head of a bull.

We spent time with Adnan’s family. They are so warm and hospitable!

Then we went downtown St. Louis so I can see the world-famous arch. Adnan’s office was right in the heart of downtown so we went on the top floor of his office building and took photos of the beautiful view.

We visited the St. Louis zoo. The fact that it has free admission and running well is a pleasant cultural surprise for me. I cannot even remember the last time I visited Manila zoo but I heard it desperately needs help and funding.

Rob had to have Ted Drewes ice cream. Because I never had it before, I had to have it in my favorite flavor – chocolate chip cookie dough. Rob had cherry. It was delicious! I skipped dinner because of it.

We ended our day hanging out at Café Milano. I liked that place because it was a coffee shop with a bar/lounge feel. What an interesting concept. A place like this will be nice to have in Manila especially for non-drinkers like myself.

When Rob and I purchase our first home, I want to be as hospitable as the Sabics!

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