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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Week in Manila

Have been missing in action these past several days. Robert and I are now here in Omaha, Nebraska and have been enjoying our first couple of weeks here.

More on that later. Lots to tell and pictures to share.

On our last week in Manila, we got the chance to spend time with people we love and I thought of sharing a few pictures.

Our friend James Muleta had his 17th birthday party. James is probably one of the most mature, level-headed young man we know.

We also got spend quality time with Pastor Manny and “Ninang” Joy Muleta at their home. We are grateful for who they are and how much they have prayed for us all throughout the years.

One stormy night, I had this craving for my favorite buffalo wings and chicken tenders in Flaming Wings in Katipunan Avenue. We drove out there in the midst of the strong rains because we wanted it so badly.

Yes, it tastes good as it looks. We also had Fried Oreos for dessert. A must-try!

And even though we had more than enough to eat for dinner, we had to make a stop at Cello’s and have their cheese dougnuts. Yummy!

I absolutely love my job, my co-workers and karaoke. One night, my co-workers threw me a going-away karaoke party. 3 hours of singing is the best way to unwind after a long day!

Said goodbye to the baristas of my favorite Starbucks branch (Pearl Drive).

Mom cooked my favorite Filipino meals of all time: TAPSILOG! Nothing like tapsilog made at home.

Had my last Sunday service at the church that I love so much – Victory Christian Fellowship Fort. I miss Pastor Joey Bonifacio’s messages and examples of leadership, my spiritual family, the worship, the church itself – the people!

Although I am not homesick as of the moment, I DO miss the family and friends who I love so much.

Till my next post. More about my life here in America!

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