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Monday, June 16, 2008

Kelly and Erica Got Married!

I met Kelly and Erica around the same time but during that time, they did not get the chance to meet. However, I thought that if they met, they will like each other a lot.

When her brothers Lamont and Mark got to spend more time with him during our wedding... they secretly thought they would be perfect for each other. However, I kinda let it go because they were both in different relationships at that time.

But they DID eventually meet middle of last year, decided they were perfect for each other. Kelly did not waste time and proposed to Erica New Year's Eve in Boracay.

Last June 7th, Kelly and Erica finally tied the knot! It was a happy, happy day. Had another proud moment: Robert co-officiated this wedding (his first) and I thought he did wonderfully.

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