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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Really Do Not Like Goodbyes

We are leaving in 10 days. This past couple months have been happy crazy because of the packing, selling, dinners out, goodbyes, and tying loose ends.

Here are some highlights.

Sold clothes that I haven’t worn in years. Our sale started May 3rd and is still ongoing.

Sold the dress that I wore the night Rob said he realized that he liked me more than a friend.

The Muleta family – who are so dear to us – came by our home to check out the garage sale and had an impromptu game of Catch Phrase. It was so much fun!

Sold the skirt I wore the night I saw Rob the very first time. It was in National Sports Grill Greenbelt.

My good friend of many, many years – Irma – came by the house the weekend of our garage sale and had a good time catching up with her. She brought me delicious pizza from Sandy’s. What a thoughtful gesture! Rob loved the pepperoni and I got addicted to the tuyo flavor. Thank you Irma!

Had a lovely high tea buffet with my closest college friends – Cheya and Rhea – in Tea and Therapy in Serendra. Rhea is engaged and I am thrilled for her!

Led my last small group meeting. One of the biggest things I will miss. I am grateful to God for blessing me friendships with these awesome women.

Alex and Kelly got our friends together for dinner at their home. Kathy was just amazing preparing all that food.

Had a delicious Filipino dinner with 2 of my best girlfriends – Maricar and Charms. Dinner was “bitin” because we really can talk all night.

We are now on our last week and I just want to say that despite all the excitement that I am feeling going to the States, I know that God gave me a strong support system here – a bunch of great people who have shone me so much love all through the years… which is why I am sad.

To my good friends, I love each and everyone of you. I will miss you more than I can ever express. I can absolutely make one promise – I will be praying for all of you, I really will. May you all be blessed.

See you in 8 months!

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irmaloveslife said...

You & Rob will be missed. I will be praying for you two as well. Till we see each other next. Love yah girl!

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