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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner at Raymond and Tammy's Home

We had a lovely time over dinner at Raymond and Tammy's home Saturday night. Tammy is one of my good friends from high school and one of my favorite seat mates back in sophomore year.

When she went on a student exhange program in our senior year, we used to write each other letters when she was in Virginia.

Even though it was a busy weekend for us (we didn't know if we could make it up to the very last minute), I really wanted to go because this was the last chance for us to spend time with my high school friends. Mon and Tammy were also set on going on their long overdue honeymoon.

Mon and Tammy's home was spacious and lovely. So perfect for their newlywed life. In fact, it is perfect for the rest of their lives together!

Dinner was potluck and the food was delicious. I am hungry again just thinking about it.

Will miss my friends on our 8-month trip to the United States. Will be missing out on a fun Christmas get-together and other important events.

Incidentally, I received a couple of big news that evening -- one GOOD and one BAD. The good news is Nat and Willyn are engaged! They are set to get married on January 24th of next year.

The BAD news is actually not just bad but devastating. We found out that the older brother of our good friend from high school got shot five times in front of his three children. He immediately passed away from this gruesome act.

The reason I am talking about this is to ask all of you to PAUSE, spend the next minute or two praying for the soul of her brother. Please also pray for the life of the family that he left behind. They need comfort, encouragement, and the most of all, that they may, all the more, cling on the love and mercy of Our Father.

Sorry to end this on a sad note. I really want all of us to stand in prayer. Thank you.

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