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Monday, March 10, 2008

Your Wardrobe Essentials for Spring and Summer

My friend Lynn gave me this fantastic book on my birthday entitled Instant Style: Your Season-By-Season Guide For Work and Weekend. It is authored and published by the editors on InStyle magazine.

I am currently in a season where I am going through all my clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. I have three piles named: To Keep, To Sell and To Give Away. I plan to have a little garage sale next month. Will keep you posted on that later on.

In the book is a cute bookmark that serves as a checklist of a female's wardrobe essentials.

In this entry, I would like to share with you the Spring + Summer Essentials. I believe this is most applicable in all-year-round Manila weather. If this is a purging season for you, then this checklist is for you.


Versatile sundress

T-shirts in neutrals

Cotton tank + camisole

Short-sleeve blouse

White jeans + khakis

Cropped pants

2 shorts: 1 dressy, 1 casual

Feminine, fitted blazer

Short casual jacket

Lightweight cardigan

2 A-line, straight or full skirts for work

Denim or tiered casual skirt

Trench coat

Evening wrap

Updated sneakers

Flat sandals

Open-heel or peep-toe pump

Lightweight work tote

Straw bag

Summer evening clutch

2 swimsuits


Coming up, wardrobe essentials for Fall + Winter!

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