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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Redeem The Airwaves 3.0: Upload!

Do you believe you can reach out to millions of people through your blog, music and/or videos? Do you feel passionate about telling other people how Jesus Christ changed your life?

I would like to invite you to a three-day conference called "Redeem The Airwaves 3.0: Upload!"

Redeem The Airwaves: Upload! is a three-day media conference on tapping the effective potential of various types of traditional and digital media for Jesus Christ.

Running from April 10 to 12 at the Lighthouse Christian Community Building along Buencamino Street in Alabang, Redeem The Airwaves: Upload! is the ultimate starting block and the ideal stepping stone for Christians and their communities seeking to use social media networking to their best advantage: to honor God and make disciples.

The conference features the following topics and speakers:
Making Sense as a Communicator, Francis J. Kong
Blogging 101, Joey Bonifacio
Radio 101 and the Future, Mike Pedero
Podcasting, Jim Reyes and Arnold Gamboa
Making Videos for the Internet, John Tan of CBN Asia
The Role of Christians in Media, Julius Fabregas
The Long Tail Economy, Dr. Chuck Quinley
Media Values vs. Christian Values, Kata Inocencio
Organizing Life-Changing Events, Ardy Roberto
Song Composition, Jungee Marcelo
Launching Your Band, Roca Cruz

Here are the conference channels:
1. Pastors and Church Ministries: case studies, blogging, email, podcasting, social networks,

2. Radio: podcasting, scripting, basic equipment setup, voice acting, social networks

3. Video: how internet video is different, technical excellence and special considerations, winning video ideas, video on a budget

4. Music: launching and selling online, social networks

5. Professional Media Persons: Leadership, the power of social networks

I am very excited to participate in this conference because Internet marketing is what I do professionally. If you need more information and registration details:

1) Please send an e-mail to

2) Visit the conference website at

3) View the video below.

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