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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jon Peter Lewis

American Idol Season 3 was one of my favorite AI seasons of all time. I thought everyone was charismatic in the Top 12 of that year. There was Leah LaBelle (yes, even her!), Camile Velasco, John Stevens, George Huff (adorable Georgie!), Jennifer Hudson (look at her now), Jasmine Trias, Diana DeGarmo, and of course Fantasia Barrino.

I really liked Jon Peter Lewis. My favorite was when he sang Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." Simon Cowell told him he looked like pen salesman in his audition.

Glad to see he eventually released a CD. And recently started a blog with his friends -- which I will be visiting from time to time. If you like Jon, please show him some love on his blog!

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Anonymous said...

Jon was my favorite in season 3. Have you heard his new songs? They are really, really good! The single and the new album are both called "Break the Silence." A music video of the single is posted on Jon's myspace, It's a well done video. The single is available now at iTunes and Amazon and the new album will come out June 3.

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