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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our First Valentine's Day as Johnson and Johnson

I like Valentine's Day because it gives me another excuse to have another date with my husband but I kinda dislike all the craziness that comes along with it.

Overcrowded restaurants. Pricey flowers. Heavy traffic -- and I mean Manila traffic. Hay naku!

But I do like buying a nice red card and pouring my heart in writing into it. I like having another excuse to spoil my husband with "I thought of you when I saw these" gifts.

I also like seeing his reaction. Robert is one of the most appreciative people I know. And I love the thought of having his undivided attention :)

I do want to share with you our first Valentine's Day and Robert is a genius for deciding to stay at home, make our place look pretty and cook. Yes, he cooked some great pasta with lots of beef! Yummm!!

He also got me my favorite comfort food: hungarian sausages from Joey Pepperoni, pizza (aww heart-shaped -- how cute and cheesy is that, but pardon the pun haha!), grape-flavored white tea, and Reese's pieces.

So, what did you guys do for Valentine's Day? Hope all of you had a lovely time!

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