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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My 32nd Birthday

On February 25, 2008... I am officially "wala na sa kalendaryo."

I started my day catching up on my reading. I ended up reading the entire morning.
I did this in Michelle's (one of my bestest, dearest friends) home in Tagaytay. I kept on telling Rob how much I miss her though.

Then we drove up to Pancake House because I was craving for scrambled eggs, which happens to be my favorite food. Breakfast was a blessing because when we tried to get the bill, we found out that our meal has been paid for. The nice guy who owns the restaurant happens to be members of our church.

Robert also wrote me a beautiful letter. My heart was filled with so much love.

I decided to get my hair shampooed and blown-out at a nice Korean salon. We saw a really cute Korean kid. I told Rob I wish I was cute enough to have her hair.

We decided to drive back to Manila. We stopped by Mushroomburger because Rob wanted to see how it tastes. He expected something really gross so he ended up actually liking it.

When we got home, my close friends were there surprise me! I love them so much!

And then, the sweetest surprise of all, Rob gave me a ring! I lost my engagement ring March of last year. He got a new one made.. exactly the one I lost. He gave it to me over a group game of Balderdash. I was floored.

I am so grateful to God for putting a smile on my face on my birthday. He has blessed me with great friends and family.

For more pictures on my birthday, you may view this album.

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