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Friday, February 15, 2008

Goodbye Polaroid Instant Photos

Sniff sniff. Some of you may have heard of Polaroid's recent announcement that it will no longer produce its famous instant film.

It makes me sad because even if I find joy in my digital pictures, I get extra-warm, fuzzy feelings that only a Polaroid photo can bring.

One of the very first boys I liked gave me a Polaroid i-Zone in an avocado color. I thought it was the sweetest thing in the whole world.

On my first official fight with Robert, I gave him a book with Polaroid photo of my hand with a peace sign taped on it.

When I am trying to pull outfits together, I used to take Polaroids of myself to see if I look halfway decent.

Looking for shoes in my closet is much easier when a Polaroid photo of the shoe is taped on its box.

For my wedding, I wanted a guestbook where my guests can take Polaroid pictures of themselves. My heroic Rob searched all over Manila and got me a Joycam. Only to find out Photokina doesn't sell Polaroid films in the Philippines anymore. I was heartbroken.

If any of you see Polaroid films in your respective countries, please send me a message. Most likely I will be sending you money so you can buy me boxes. I must have Polaroids of my future children, because my baby photos were taken in those too.

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