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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Father's Love

This is one of the sweetest blog entries I have read in a long time. This is written by our friend Cheenee Gonzalez. Robert and I love the Gonzalez family so much! When you read this, you will know why.

The Best Date Ever With the Best Guy...............My Dad!!!!!!!!

I don't know why girls get kilig.....they don't have to......I don't have to.....'cos i'm already kilig..."huh?"-(you say)...well..I learned last October that I shouldn't get kilig with any guy...except my Dad. God wants us to see that He put the Best example..our dads. I don't know about your dad,but what I know is that; not just my dad..but every dad loves their children..and wants the Best for Dad explained this to me...on the 11th of October,2007.

It was a Very Nice Day of course...'cos it was my birthday....and I was wondering:
1.Where will we eat tonight?
2.What would be my birthday present?
I asked my mom and all she said was..your dad will get dressed now..he will take you out...but me and Cookie and John will not come."WHAT?!" My very Best Day without MOMMY???? I REALLY felt like crying.But there was a reason. So, when my dad arrived, the both of us looked especially Nice..but I didn't know what it was for.......

We drove and drove...and looking up at the highway signs was,"Alabang,Pasig,Cavite," but I cant remember the others...So I was REALLY surprised!!! We arrived at a place...a fancy one..(maybe that explains the clothes).All the Other Surprises began when he gave me a bundle of White Roses.He asked me,"Do you know what this means?"
"Purity,Cleanlines and Holiness?" I answered."Right..I gave this to you so you will be reminded to be Pure,Clean, and Holy."

"A BUFFET!? BUT WHY DADDY?ALL FOR ME?" I didn't understand the Meaning of this until after we ate....we talked and talked, ate dessert, and everything a date could be.
Finally, we walked near the bay(we were beside the sea,so you probably guessed this already) and he gave me a seat.Now this was the Sweetest thing he did.
He reached into his pocket,and pulled out a small case.He opened it and inside was..
a silver ring with a heart in the middle.But there was More! INSIDE the ring was an engraving saying,"True Love Waits".Now i RREEAALLYY felt like crying! He told me,
"Cheenee, let's make a covenant right here before God.Can you promise Him that you will wait for the Right Time?Can you promise to let Him show you the Right One?
Can you promise to be Pure,Clean, and Holy?" I promised.He sat beside me and put the ring on my finger.And while going home he said,"If there's somebody,who's sweeter than I am and more Godly than I am,then he's the One."

To tell you the Truth...I think there can be no one who is Sweeter than my Dad.He's the Only example.He's the only One who knows me more than anyone.He's my Dad.We have a Relationship.
I hope you know, that even if your dad doesn't treat you out,he loves you as much as my Dad loves me.I REALLY THANK GOD,the Heavenly Father, that he gave us "Daddys".

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