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Monday, January 28, 2008

Roll Bounce

Yesterday, I caught the beginning of the movie "Roll Bounce" on Star Movies. But I had to leave and go to Sunday service. I kept on saying how much I want to see the movie end.

Today, I had to stay home the whole day because I am sick from some food I ate over the weekend. Throwing up and all other bad stuff I don't even want to write about. Robert had to go the mall to get his cell phone fixed and I suddenly remembered to text him to get me a DVD copy of the movie.

As I was typing out the text, I heard the door knob turn and I was like, "Aww too late, he is home." But because my husband is a genius and he is the most thoughtful person on earth, I find a brand new DVD copy on the dining table! Darling, you are wonderful!

We ended up watching it. All I can say is I love it! I love this movie about teenagers who grew up in the south side of Chicago in the 70's. Skating is their big thing and a lot of the scenes take place at a roller rink. There were a lot of funny moments! The soundtrack is great because it plays one of my favorite music genres -- 70's soul and disco music; and Bow Wow makes me wish he would never grow up and just stay a cute teenager forever.

Here is a clip of the movie preview.

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