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Monday, January 7, 2008

My Highlights of 2007 (First of Two Parts)

In the year 2007, so many good things have crossed my life because of the wonderful, generous God that we all have! Here is a two-part recap of my personal highlights in 2007. In random order. I have a little warning for you though. Several of them will be wedding-related because in February 2007, I married the man of my dreams. So bear with me :)

1) The one when I walked down the aisle. I vowed to look straight into my groom's eyes and only his, never take them off him until I my parents officially give me away.

2) The one when the minister says "You may now kiss the bride!"
Robert and I had a "no kissing" covenant with our Father when we got engaged. It was not the easiest thing to do but I am glad we waited. And yes, it was so worth it!

3) The one when one of my best friends made my wedding dress.
Jo used to doodle dress designs in my notebook back in high school. The designs get more creative during math class when we couldn't be bothered by x and y integers. It is so crazy to think that 15 years later, he made a dress so beautiful beyond my imagination. More on this story in a future blog.

4) The one where we exchanged vows.
We both wrote our vows the morning of our wedding day. We have these words framed in our home to remind us of our promises to each other.

5) The one where our good friends got married.
Mike and Kay. Mon and Manina. Jonas and Avie. Kris and Malou. Joel and Maureen. Jed and Irma. Beautiful weddings. Beautiful couples.

6) The one with all the bridal showers.
I am so blessed to have been thrown all these lovely, fun bridal showers. My friends and family are such wonderful people!

7) The one where our parents hang out.
We spent one afternoon talking, eating, and laughing. Wish we can do this a lot more :(

8) The one with our honeymoon.
It was ten months late but it was wonderful, happy and refreshing! We can never get enough of Boracay.

9) The one where we went to Hong Kong.
Robert's first. Did the whole tour thing and the shopping thing and loved every minute of it!

Second part coming up soon! :) Happy new year!

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