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Monday, January 28, 2008

My Highlights of 2007 (Last of Two Parts)

Here are the rest of my 2007 highlights.

10) The one where several nations gathered for a world conference. Representatives from different countries under Every Nation family of churches gathered for a weekend celebrating our God, His love and His goodness. This is the spiritual highlight of my year!

11) The one where my good friends got baptized. Ayen, Michelle and Lynn -- girlfriends that are so close to my heart (I love them so much!) -- got baptized and let everyone know that Jesus is the LORD of their lives!

12) The one where my husband finally retired from professional basketball. He made a decision to be in full-time ministry because he knew God asked him to. I have never seen him so happier and more fulfilled! If you would like to know his story, please watch it here.

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13) The one where a beautiful baby girl was born. Good friends Brandon and Tristan Cablay welcome their first child, Mailee

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14) The one where our spiritual family grew. We have been blessed to have several friends who we truly consider family. They have been so awesome in keeping our walk with God full and alive! Thank you for being there for us!

15) The one with our first holidays together. First Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year as husband and wife.

Thank you to all our family, friends and loved ones for making our year such blessed one! May we all have a happy 2008!

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