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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sitting In The Corner Of A Coffee Shop

I went to Gateway Mall this afternoon. I promised my best friends (who are actually more like family to me) I will watch their games.

My friend Kelly's team was playing against my friend Noy's team. I did not cheer for 1 team harder than the other. I just enjoyed seeing them in their role-model glory.

As I was walking through the mall and looking for Christmas decor inspirations and Christmas presents, I saw a nice, little empty corner in Figaro away from the traffic of mall dwellers.

I immediately ordered a nice iced cappuccino, sat down and took out the book I have been reading.I read a few good pages of The Way Of The Shepherd.

I am not going to talk about the book at this time until I am done. However, reading through it has given my heart this overwhelming sense of gratefulness.

At the start of the year, I prayed to God that He would lead me to people who are willing to find out how much He has done in my life.

Although I always lived a fairly normal life, I made some pretty bad decisions. What God did to me was stretch out His hand, helped me stand up and told me that I am not meant to live a "fairly normal life."

He created me to live an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE! Through the kindness of a lot of people, I was able to go into an awesome journey of knowing myself all over again -- not defined by my past nor by any man-made label.

If I can just write down every miracle He has done in my life and with the people I love... or perhaps I will soon!

Back to my prayer, I told God that I am hungry to tell anyone who would listen on how much I am in love with Him and how much He loves me more.

Today, as I was reading the book and having a conversation with Him at the same time, I was suddenly humbled on how many people I have become friends with this year.

People who were gracious enough to listen to my love story with God. I told God how grateful I am for bringing them into my life.

Every person I was specifically thinking of in my prayers --- they are all now parts of my life in a big way!

It's crazy but then again this is Our Father we are talking about -- so it is really not that crazy. But you know what I mean.

I can't wait until my next coffee shop stop!

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