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Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Missions Trip to Baja

When my husband first mentioned to me the idea of going on a short-term missions trip this summer, I felt two completely opposite emotions.

First, I was excited at the thought of going to a short-term trip for the first time! It seems that all of our missions trips have been long-term (Manila, then Nashville). I have also never been on a missions trip with Robert. 

The other reaction was a sense of exhaustion at the thought of raising money again. As youth workers in Franklin, we raise our support almost all-year-round. 

I love how God has shown Himself faithful every single day since we moved to Nashville. And yet, even in His constant demonstration of meeting our needs, my faith was weak at that moment. 

It felt like an impossible task. Good thing I am married to one of the biggest encouragers I know! 

He was quick to pray for me and spoke words brought life to my spirit.

As I write this today, we are only five days away from our missions trip to Baja, Mexico through Ten Days Missions Experiences. And even in my lack of faith, God showed how faithful He is, providing every step of the way through financial and prayer partners. 

To all who give generously given through finances and prayers, you have no idea the impact you have made in our lives; way before this trip has begun. Many people will know and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior because of you.

I cannot believe we are actually going and leading a group of high school students to what I expect will be a life-changing journey! Twenty three individuals/families poured their finances into this trip, enabling us to cover our airfare and most of the ground expenses. 

I do not take this for granted for a single second. I know that times are hard. Seeing people give in faith is one of the most beautiful things that I have had the privilege of witnessing.

We are almost at 100% of our trip costs. I do not doubt for a second that God will finish the work that He started. 

Here are our goals in Baja: 

1) Building Project 1: 16 x 60 church building, parsonage, baptismal, and 4 latrines for a local church. 2) Building Project 2: 16 x 40 school classroom and outlying buildings to be repainted. 
3) Building Project 3: 16 x 40 Sunday school classroom 
4) Prison Ministry 
5) Evangelism 
6) Sports Camp 
7) Fiesta 

I have reasons why I am sharing this with you today. I humbly ask you to read on. 

1) Please pray for us. The list of prayer points is long but I do believe in the power of intercession. 

  • That we may be done coordinating all travel details with our team. 
  • That the next days will be a period of preparation of our hearts for this journey. 
  • Safe flights as we travel from Nashville to San Diego to Baja (Rosarito). 
  • Protection from any kind of disease, accidents, and theft. 
  • 100% financial provision in time for our departure on Wednesday. 
  • That more people will know and accept Jesus as we pour love on them in Baja. 
  • The courage and boldness to share the Gospel to whoever the Holy Spirit instructs us to. 
  • For unity among the team members so that we may be able to accomplish our goals together with complete joy. 

2) Please consider helping us meet 100% of our trip. We need to raise $500 more to cover expenses: rental car, building supplies, gas, Bibles, and gifts for the children/classrooms. Every single dollar goes a long way and it will make a difference.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through today's blog post. Your journey with me makes it possible to go to places and make a difference in other peoples' lives.

Monday, July 2, 2012

I am back (with a special request)

Six months. 

 YES. I have been away from this blog and from all of you for six whole months! 

 Life has been extremely busy but it has been GREAT and continues to be filled with joy. 

 I hope that you do not mind at all that I am back with a special request. 

This is about my friend Eddie Anstey
Taken sometime in 2008 in Makati City (Philippines)
We met him and his wife Amy in Manila. We went to the same church and immediately started spending a lot of time together. 

Taken at a party right before we left Manila.

 They eventually moved back to Nashville (where they are originally from) several months before we made this city our new home. The coolest thing about this is now they have an adorable little girl named Indiana! I get to hang out with her when her Mommy is at work.

Our first meal together in Nashville.

 Not only do we love this family, we really believe that they can make a difference in this world. Eddie is a someone who values integrity and character. He also has a deep love for Jesus and we clearly see that this is his foundation in leading his family and with the way he works. 

 Today, he is candidate for a full scholarship to a graduate business degree in Lipscomb University (worth $40,000!). We are certain what a degree like this can do in Eddie's future and how it will impact others in a life-changing way. 

 I really want to help him win this scholarship. Not only because he is my friend but mainly because I personally want to help people who has a heart to lead like Christ and wants to do great things for the sake of the Kingdom.

Watch this video:

Are you willing to help him as well? 

 It is SUPER easy. 

It should not take more than three minutes of your time. 

 Simply click on this link and cast a vote for "Eddie Anstey." Enter your e-mail address. You will receive a verification link in your inbox and click to confirm. 

(Don't forget to check your Junk Mail folder just in case)

 That's it! 

 You can vote every day until July 15th. Right now he is in third place but if we all help him out, I have no doubt in my mind that he can win this.

Just three minutes of your time, every day, in the next two weeks. You are helping build a leader this world needs. What an awesome way to be a part of it!

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